Dopameme App Privacy Policy

What we collect from you when using the app:

1. Unique identifier that helps identify your device.

This is a string of characters that is tied to your device that helps us track your activity in the app. For example, it helps us prevent people from registering multiple accounts for the purpose of SPAM. If we ban someone, we want them to stay banned. We don't want them registering new accounts. Knowing which device the spammer is registering from helps stop this. Your name and other personal information is not tied to this string of characters. Just your device. We don't know anything else about you. This is just one example, we use this string for many other features inside the app.

It's possible this string may be used to serve you ads.

2. We log any and all activity that you do inside of the app. This includes things that you search for, comments and messages you post, people you may report and all other activity inside the app.

We do not share any information that you do inside of the app with third parties. Only people that help run the app can have access to these logs.

3. Cookies may be used for the purpose of serving you ads where applicable.